Mr. Wonderful

heartI think I should take a moment to write about how utterly amazing MR. G is.  Before I started dating him I had no idea that men like him existed!  It sounds silly and trite but it is true.  He opens the car door for me and always holds the door.  He does laundry and cleans the kitchen.  He regularly brings me flowers and takes me to dinner.  He is Mr. Wonderful!  Everyday that I see him I think  “he is the most fantastic and amazing person I have ever met”!

I just never knew it could be like this.  I never thought I could feel so complete.  I never thought I could be so happy.  I never thought someone could love me so much.  I never thought everything could be so wonderful!  Now I know!  I know that everything and anything is possible when Mr. G  is by my side!


Venue Hunt! Pt. 1

Oh venues, how you pain me.  Eh, it really hasn’t been all that bad.  In the beginning, when we thought we were only going to have 75 people it was HORRIBLE!  Everywhere had minimums of 100 people and we were bummed about it.  However, our guest list has grown… and grown a little more, so now we are somewhere between 100 and 125 people that we actually expect to attend.  We started visiting venues a while ago. 

Our first visit was to Coral House in Baldwin, NY (  We both hated it immediately.  It’s a nice enough building but since Mr. G goes to a million fundraisers a year it just seemed like a place you have a fundraiser…not my wedding.   They have a room that they would CRAM our guests in to instead of allowing us to have the bigger room.  It smelled a little like a funeral home and just wasn’t what we were looking for.  My visions of grandiosity just didn’t fit.


Coral House… It looks better than it actually is.


Our next visit was to the Nassau County Art Museum (  Oh how we loved the museum.  It was fantastic!  Everything about it was perfect!  They leave the museum open for  your guests during  your wedding!!!  That’s fantastic!  The formal gardens where they have the ceremonies are beyond amazing and the cocktail hour options were fantastic.  The menus were also amazing.  Mr. G and I were both in love… until we saw the price tag.  It was sadly out of our very modest budget.  We could have made it work if we had no other expenses but weddings have LOTS of other expenses so no good.  We resigned ourselves to the fact that it was simply not possible.  We longingly talked about it for a week… or two… or three, but now we have moved on. 😦





The museum gets 4 pictures because it is so fantastic!

We also went to the Hamlet at Wind Watch in Hauppauge (  It was fine, but not fantastic.  They were very helpful and attentive, which was very nice.  The biggest plus was the fact that there is a Marriott, essentially, right next door.  It is nice not to have to worry about your guests and if they will make it to their hotel in one piece.  Other than that it was unimpressive.


Hamlet Wind Watch

That same day we also went to see the Bayview House at Captain Bill’s in Bay Shore, NY (  At first, Mr. G was soooo disgruntled.  We pulled up and his exact words were “Seriously?!?! Captain Bill’s?”  Once they took us inside he was sitting there scoffing under his breath… which I thought was hilarious.  When they started to show us around they took us out of the restaurant to a whole separate building that is fantastic.  We loved the space!  Most of the reason I loved it was because it was huge and open.  The women who helped us was less than concerned with us.  She didn’t really give us any information unless we asked.  She seemed to be a little put out that we were there.  She handed us a packet with the menu options in it and dismissed us after we were shown the room.  Even though she was terrible, we still liked the space alot and the price was not unreasonable.  After that I was excited.  We had found a space that we could live with!  It wasn’t perfect but I could definitely see my vision coming to fruition in the Bayview House.

bayview house

The Bayview House


That was the first of three trips to view venues.  I will write about the other in subsequent entries.

If anyone is interested in the specific prices we were quoted let me know and I will absolutely tell you.  Atleast that way I can save a bride or two unnecessary trips.

Green and black and white damask theme!


I know that my last post was about a peacock theme for our wedding but this is our other option.  We really like apple green mixed in with black and white with black and white damask table hostess with the mostest

This table setting by Hostess With the Mostess is what started it all!  I love how fresh and clean it looks.  There are so many great ideas for this color scheme floating around the web.

Inspiration Board by Glitz and Glamour Events

Inspiration Board by Glitz and Glamour Events

I like this inspiration board a lot!  Obviously other people found the table setting to be fantastic inspiration since it is in almost every board I found online.

flowers with lotus pods

Regardless of the color scheme we are doing, I WANT THESE FLOWERS!!!  I love them sooo much!  I saw them on In Style Weddings website and was immediately sold!  They work well with both of our potential color options so I am dead set on having them.  Since we are planning our wedding on a tight budget, I think I am going to make my own bouquets.  I have an artistic background and a degree in art so I think I am more than capable of making amazing bouquets.  The only issue will be if I will have the time and energy to put them together the day before the wedding.  I know that my sister will definitely help me assemble them so that should be helpful.  Not only can we not justify spending the standard 5k dollars on flowers, we also can’t afford it so we don’t really have a choice.  So homemade bouquets it is!

There are so many excellent choices for invitations.  This first bunch is from Gourmet Invitations.  All of the invitations she does are custom made and I love all of them!



These are shown in brown and green but if it was black and green I love them!


The rest of these are from a bunch of different companies. 

Banded Damask Wedding...

Wedding Paper Diva’s

Creative Invitations

Creative Invitations

 There are a few additional accents I could stick in to go with the theme.
Black and White DAMASK...
Love this headband from
ellenstreasures :: Black and White Damask Coin Purse/Cosmetic Bag - photo
Even my bridesmaids gifts could match with these coin purses from Kohls!
Any suggestions? 
I’m so torn between this theme and the peacock color theme. 

Peacock Wedding Theme

We decided on a peacock color theme and decided to incorporate peacock feathers in to a few places in the wedding.  This was before we even got engaged! 
We found amazing inspiration boards online!
This, roughly, was our inspiration.
This, roughly, was our inspiration.
We love the place settings in the board above… minus the purple flowers because i hate purple!!!
There were also tons of beautiful ideas for invitations.
I can’t find a better picute of these but they are on the website and they are beautiful!!!
That’s a real peacock feather stuck in the ribbon.  How unique and amazing!  Mr. G and I are both fairly unusual characters so we want our wedding to be a little left of center.  This invite would accomplish that for us.  Who expects to get a feather with a wedding invite?
There are tons of options though, so I am going to show a bunch!
Enchanted Garden Invitation



Baron Cards
Baron Cards


They have everything you would need in this collection.
They have everything you would need in this collection.





There are so many more it’s hard to decide which ones to post!  I love them all.


We also thought it would be cute to do boutonnieres like these.

peacock bout

And the best part is that we can make them ourselves, fairly inexpensively!


And the last idea was for unique escort cards (table assignment cards).


We thought that these would be really neat in a solid, maybe metallic color.  Again, you don’t expect origami escort cards at a wedding!!! 


These are the ideas that we have come up with so far.  We are excited to keep looking and finding ideas to make our wedding different and memorable for ourselves and our guests!


The Dress

The sample dress I bought.  Made by Watters and Watters.
The sample dress I bought. Made by Watters and Watters.

The instant I got engaged all I wanted to do was go wedding dress shopping.  I am one of those girls that would wear a formal dress 100% of the time if it was socially acceptable.  So the idea of a wedding dress was oh so exciting!  I found out about a week after I got engaged that Priscilla of Boston was going to be having a sample sale the following week.  I wrangled a friend to go with me and took the day off of work.  I had read so many horror stories about sample sales that I was prepared for it to be a disaster!!!  It opened at 8 and we arrived at about 8:15.  It was totally calm.  There were only maybe 5 other brides there.  It was well organized and not chaotic at all.  I tried on a ton of dresses and ended up finding one that I really liked.  Additionally it fit me perfectly.  I figured that I would buy it and if I ended up finding something else I liked more, I could sell it on Oncewed or Weddingbee.                                                  


I wanted the experience of dress shopping.  You only get to do it once!  So I went shopping in NYC with my mom and future mother in-law.  We went to a place called RK Bridal, which I really liked.  It’s not a super high end bridal boutique.  It’s kind of like a big wedding dress warehouse.  We looked through the hundreds of dresses and I tried a bunch on, including the one I already bought.  I was glad that I got to try it on for them.  I didn’t find any dresses that I was completely in love with.  We went to another place called Bridal Garden which is a non-profit that sells designer samples. Ugh!  I hated that experience!  It was crowded and tiny and not worth the time we spent there!  After the fact, there was one dress I couldn’t stop thinking about but it hadn’t been on my shortlist so I didn’t know anything about it or who made it.

The following week I went shopping with my future mother in-law and my future sister in-law.  There I found a dress that I loved.  It was made by Casablanca and it was soooo flattering on me and it made me feel like a bride.  I was excited but sad because my mom didn’t see it.  Luckily, when I went shopping with her the following weekend the bridal salon had it!  I tried it on for her, along with a bunch of others, and despite the fact that she didn’t love it, she loved it on me.  

This was the first dress that I thought I loved... until I tried on the other one!

This is the Casablanca dress that I thought I loved... until I tried on the other one!

They also had the dress I couldn’t stop thinking about.  I tried it on again and I was disappointed because I loved the top but hated the bottom.  It was too fitted.  I went on to Maggie Sottero’s website and was SUPER excited to find that the dress comes in 3 different skirt styles!!!  Including one that is big and flowey!!!  There was a bridal salon that had that dress as a sample near by and I was excited to try it on.  Again, I went with my FMIL (mother in-law) and tried on a bunch of dresses, making sure that one was last.  OH MAN!!!!  The second I put it on I knew.  I got that feeling that everyone talks about.  It is unbelievable!!!  I’m trying to find a store near where my mom lives so that I can show it to her… which is hilarious because she will hate it!  Se is a lot more about simplicity than I am.  I think I onlyget to get married once and I only get to wear a ridiculous over the top gown once!!!  I think what I am most excited about is that the bridal salon I went to that I liked the most (Bridal Suite of Hamilton)can order the dress for me and it’s a great price!!!  I had such a great experience there!



I will keep you updated on my dress situation!

The Proposal!

So I think I should start by telling the story of how Mr. G proposed to me.  When we first started hanging out, we went to the beach all the time.  As a matter of fact, the first time we hung out we spent hours at a diner talking about everything and then went and watched the sunrise on the beach… even though it was 35 degrees! 

On the one year anniversary to the day we met (March 4th) we were going to go to the beach after class.  It had just snowed and we thought it would be nice.  I had class after work so it was late by the time we headed out to Jones Beach.  We were all bundled up and excited to walk on the boardwalk.  When we got there all of the parking lots were blocked off!  We were bummed but oh well.  Once we got back to the apartment Mr. G said “I was going to do this at the beach but I guess the place doesn’t matter.  This is for you”.  He handed me a hard cover journal and told me to read the first page.  The page was dated September 31, 2008 and it said (roughly) “I decided today that I want to marry you.  You make me a better man and I love you.  I will write in this book until the day I ask you to marry me.  If you are reading this you know it means I want you to be my wife.  Will you marry me?”  I looked up and there he was with a  ring more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!  I cried!  Yes, little Miss Tough Guy cried.  After I said yes I looked through the journal and he had written in it almost everyday for the entire 5 months before he proposed to me!  They were letters to me.  Sometimes about his day, sometimes about the reasons he loves me and sometimes about nothing at all. 

Of course, when I called my parents to tell them my news, they already knew because in standard good guy fashion, he had called both of them to ask permission.  My dad apparently said “Sure, but you know she’s smarter than you right?”  I thought that was hillarious… especially since Mr. G said “Yep, I know that”!!

My lovely lovely ring!


I thought I should put in a picture of my ring, which I couldn’t possible love any more than I do!  Mr. G is beyond fantastic for choosing this ring!  Everytime that I look at it I can’t believe that it is mine!!

So that’s it for the proposal!  He’s amazing and I’m sooo excited!

Hooray! I’m Finally Starting a Wedding Blog!!!

I have been thinking, and occasionally talking, about starting a wedding blog for the entire 2 months that I have been engaged.  I have so many ideas about things I might want to do so I want to post everything here.  I think it will help me stay organized and keep me on track.  I have a bad habit of being all over the place.  After Mr. G proposed to me he told me that I drove him crazy with engagement rings because there wasn’t one style that I loved.  I liked tons of designs and none of them were similar (he managed to pick the perfect one).  The same thing happens when I go wedding dress shopping.  I love them all!!!  So again, if I post my ideas as I go I can see what I gravitate to and maybe give some other people some good ideas!  I hope you enjoy!