The Dress

The sample dress I bought.  Made by Watters and Watters.
The sample dress I bought. Made by Watters and Watters.

The instant I got engaged all I wanted to do was go wedding dress shopping.  I am one of those girls that would wear a formal dress 100% of the time if it was socially acceptable.  So the idea of a wedding dress was oh so exciting!  I found out about a week after I got engaged that Priscilla of Boston was going to be having a sample sale the following week.  I wrangled a friend to go with me and took the day off of work.  I had read so many horror stories about sample sales that I was prepared for it to be a disaster!!!  It opened at 8 and we arrived at about 8:15.  It was totally calm.  There were only maybe 5 other brides there.  It was well organized and not chaotic at all.  I tried on a ton of dresses and ended up finding one that I really liked.  Additionally it fit me perfectly.  I figured that I would buy it and if I ended up finding something else I liked more, I could sell it on Oncewed or Weddingbee.                                                  


I wanted the experience of dress shopping.  You only get to do it once!  So I went shopping in NYC with my mom and future mother in-law.  We went to a place called RK Bridal, which I really liked.  It’s not a super high end bridal boutique.  It’s kind of like a big wedding dress warehouse.  We looked through the hundreds of dresses and I tried a bunch on, including the one I already bought.  I was glad that I got to try it on for them.  I didn’t find any dresses that I was completely in love with.  We went to another place called Bridal Garden which is a non-profit that sells designer samples. Ugh!  I hated that experience!  It was crowded and tiny and not worth the time we spent there!  After the fact, there was one dress I couldn’t stop thinking about but it hadn’t been on my shortlist so I didn’t know anything about it or who made it.

The following week I went shopping with my future mother in-law and my future sister in-law.  There I found a dress that I loved.  It was made by Casablanca and it was soooo flattering on me and it made me feel like a bride.  I was excited but sad because my mom didn’t see it.  Luckily, when I went shopping with her the following weekend the bridal salon had it!  I tried it on for her, along with a bunch of others, and despite the fact that she didn’t love it, she loved it on me.  

This was the first dress that I thought I loved... until I tried on the other one!

This is the Casablanca dress that I thought I loved... until I tried on the other one!

They also had the dress I couldn’t stop thinking about.  I tried it on again and I was disappointed because I loved the top but hated the bottom.  It was too fitted.  I went on to Maggie Sottero’s website and was SUPER excited to find that the dress comes in 3 different skirt styles!!!  Including one that is big and flowey!!!  There was a bridal salon that had that dress as a sample near by and I was excited to try it on.  Again, I went with my FMIL (mother in-law) and tried on a bunch of dresses, making sure that one was last.  OH MAN!!!!  The second I put it on I knew.  I got that feeling that everyone talks about.  It is unbelievable!!!  I’m trying to find a store near where my mom lives so that I can show it to her… which is hilarious because she will hate it!  Se is a lot more about simplicity than I am.  I think I onlyget to get married once and I only get to wear a ridiculous over the top gown once!!!  I think what I am most excited about is that the bridal salon I went to that I liked the most (Bridal Suite of Hamilton)can order the dress for me and it’s a great price!!!  I had such a great experience there!



I will keep you updated on my dress situation!


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