The Proposal!

So I think I should start by telling the story of how Mr. G proposed to me.  When we first started hanging out, we went to the beach all the time.  As a matter of fact, the first time we hung out we spent hours at a diner talking about everything and then went and watched the sunrise on the beach… even though it was 35 degrees! 

On the one year anniversary to the day we met (March 4th) we were going to go to the beach after class.  It had just snowed and we thought it would be nice.  I had class after work so it was late by the time we headed out to Jones Beach.  We were all bundled up and excited to walk on the boardwalk.  When we got there all of the parking lots were blocked off!  We were bummed but oh well.  Once we got back to the apartment Mr. G said “I was going to do this at the beach but I guess the place doesn’t matter.  This is for you”.  He handed me a hard cover journal and told me to read the first page.  The page was dated September 31, 2008 and it said (roughly) “I decided today that I want to marry you.  You make me a better man and I love you.  I will write in this book until the day I ask you to marry me.  If you are reading this you know it means I want you to be my wife.  Will you marry me?”  I looked up and there he was with a  ring more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!  I cried!  Yes, little Miss Tough Guy cried.  After I said yes I looked through the journal and he had written in it almost everyday for the entire 5 months before he proposed to me!  They were letters to me.  Sometimes about his day, sometimes about the reasons he loves me and sometimes about nothing at all. 

Of course, when I called my parents to tell them my news, they already knew because in standard good guy fashion, he had called both of them to ask permission.  My dad apparently said “Sure, but you know she’s smarter than you right?”  I thought that was hillarious… especially since Mr. G said “Yep, I know that”!!

My lovely lovely ring!


I thought I should put in a picture of my ring, which I couldn’t possible love any more than I do!  Mr. G is beyond fantastic for choosing this ring!  Everytime that I look at it I can’t believe that it is mine!!

So that’s it for the proposal!  He’s amazing and I’m sooo excited!


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