Mr. Wonderful

heartI think I should take a moment to write about how utterly amazing MR. G is.  Before I started dating him I had no idea that men like him existed!  It sounds silly and trite but it is true.  He opens the car door for me and always holds the door.  He does laundry and cleans the kitchen.  He regularly brings me flowers and takes me to dinner.  He is Mr. Wonderful!  Everyday that I see him I think  “he is the most fantastic and amazing person I have ever met”!

I just never knew it could be like this.  I never thought I could feel so complete.  I never thought I could be so happy.  I never thought someone could love me so much.  I never thought everything could be so wonderful!  Now I know!  I know that everything and anything is possible when Mr. G  is by my side!


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