Change of Plans! We eloped!

So things don’t always go according to plan.  In our case, it was just a huge amount of stress and issues with financing that changed our original plan.  We decided that we would just go to town hall and get married… so we did!  It was wonderful!  I took the Watters and Watters dress that I already owned and altered it to be tea length.  It was perfect for the occasion.  Everything about how our wedding turned out was wonderful.  In the small amount of time I had to make some plans there were a few details that I was able to pull together that I am in love with.  

First, I did my own flowers and they were amazing (if I might say so myself). 

wedding flowers

I’m pretty impressed with  my floral arranging abilities! 

I said in a past post, that I wanted to have a locket with a picture of my grandmother pinned to my flowers.  I got my locket and it was perfect!

Misc 011

This next picture is my absolute favorite!

wedding feet

Who knew that it would be so difficult to find yellow argyle dress socks?!?!  It was totally worth the work!


Everything was perfect!  I am officially a Mrs!!!


In Loving Memory Of…

My fiancee is a die hard Yankees fan and a die hard democrat.  Those are the two things that are most pronounced about him.  They are also two things that my grandmother would have HUGELY appreciated.  She was both of those things as well.  I adored her.  She was always my biggest fan.  She was the smartest human being I have ever met.  She passed away on June 10th  of last year.  She had been battling with cancer and had been too sick to meet Mr. G.  It makes me sad every day that they were not able to meet.  I would have sat and read the newspaper while they heatedly discussed politics and watched the Yankees.  It makes me sad that she will not be there when I marry him.  I decided that I want to have her involved in some way.  I found locket brooches that I thought would be perfect.  I want to pin the locket to my flowers with a picture of her.

brooch basil the cat's etsy shop

I loved this one which was handmade.  I found it on etsy in Basil The Cats shop.[]=tags&includes[]=title

My other option was:

silver 1928 brooch

This one is made by 1928 and I found it on their website.


Although I like the way the second one looks better, I think my grandmother would have liked the first one.  I also appreciate that it is handmade.  Makes me like it even more!  So I think my decision is made and I am going to order the second one!!

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