Butterfly Wedding Cake

We are having a brunch this weekend so that everyone can celebrate our marriage since we eloped.  I am excited about it.  One of the things that I am super excited about is the cake.  Mr. G has a friend that volunteered to make us a cake.  He (Mr. G not the friend) of course, was super apprehensive about this because in his words I’m “a cake snob”.  Eventually when he got around to telling me that she had offered I was excited because I knew exactly what I wanted and it was VERY simple.

Like a million other brides, I fell in love with this cake when I saw it on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings!


  Everything about it was awesome!!!  Simple but impactfull all at the same time.  I’m not worried about Mr.G’s friend making this cake.  All we need is a simple white fondant cake and I’m positive she can do that.  We are going to have vanilla cake with orange buttercream filling.  Hooray!!!

So when I decided to do this cake I figured that instead of all of the colors, I would do one color in a variety of shades and designs. 

Similar to this cake:

Naturally I chose yellow since that matches everything else we are doing.  Wow it was difficult to find yellow feather butterflies!!!  There are tons of options for sets that have a mix of colors but I was super limited when it came to only getting yellow. 


I placed an order with soaringcrafts.com for the following butterflies:


I also placed an order on craftsfeathersfloral.com for these butterflies:


I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the butterflies.  I received some of them but decided I needed more so am waiting on those.  Today, when I decided that I would need more, I did my usual google image search but decided to be more diligent.  Eventually, on something like the 37th page I found a link to http://www.floralsupply.com/cat.cgi?s=butterfly.  Boy was I disappointed that I didn’t find them sooner!  I would most definitely have purchased all of them from here if I had known.  I could have saved a bit on shipping and found exactly what I wanted.  I was going to place an order today but since I procrastinated I would need it delivered two day.  I was APPALLED that the shipping on my order of 42 butterflies the 2 day shipping would cost me $50!!!!!  Seriously?!?  The package would weigh less than 2lbs!  I was sad… super sad.  As much as I have been able to justify spending money for the brunch since we didn’t have a wedding, I couldn’t justify that!!!  Oh well.  Maybe I will help some bride find them a bit more easily than I did!  After Sunday I will post some pictures of what I hope is going to be a fantastic cake!!



  1. August 28, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    […] wedding cake, feather butterflies, martha stewart butterfly cake, wedding, wedding cake In a previous post, I wrote about the inspiration for our cake.  These two pictures pretty much sum it […]

  2. Jane Denham said,

    May 5, 2010 at 7:12 am

    Hi there

    I loved your cake! And the links you sent along with them. My friend is getting married in 3 months and having never decorated a cake before in my life can you believe she has asked me to do what you did as I sent her the picture??!

    Can I ask you how many butterflies you used in total for your cake? She has 3 tears which are only 5.5cms deep…so it is no where near as big as the large pink butterfly cake. But more along the lines of yours perhaps?

    Any help you can provide will be really appreciated!

    Kind regards

    Jane Denham (UK)

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