Family… Who knew it could be so enjoyable?!?!


I have a family.  A version of a family.  Every one has some semblance of a family.  I have a mother that I am closer to than I ever thought possible.  She is a wonderful person.  Supportive and amazing.  I have two sisters as well.  One lives fairly close to my mom (2 hours from me) and the other lives in Minnesota.  We don’t really have any extended family.  My grandmother was also amazing, just like her daughter.  She passed away about a year ago and there went my feeling of “family”.  It’s sad.  I always wanted to be that family that had weekly dinners and laughed and ate.  That wasn’t us.  I love my family but there aren’t alot of us.  Since I started dating Mr. G I have felt a whole new kind of family.  His parents are fantastic.  I love them both soooo much.  And his sister is hilarious.  She is roughly our age and I adore her.  His grandmother is 90 years old and the sharpest person ever.  Additionally, he has an extended family as well that has welcomed me openly. 

His parents live much closer to us than my mom so we go there often on the weekends.  This weekend we went because I was working on my centerpieces for the brunch that is quickly approaching (more to come on those).  We had a fantastic dinner and his mom hung out with us outside for a while and it was awesome.  I think alot of what makes me feel that “family” vibe is that his parents are still married.  My parents got divorced when I was about 10.  It was for the better.  I love going there and seeing them still laughing and having a good time together after more than 25 years!  I want that!!!  Mr. G and I will have that!

I’m so excited to have more family!!!


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