Finding a town hall worthy dress!

Immediately when we decided we were getting married at town hall I started looking for a dress.  The dresses I had found already were completely inappropriate for a town hall wedding.  I didn’t want a big long train and over the top dress for this event.  Instead I was looking for something that was tea length and white or ivory.  I didn’t think it would be that difficult to find.  Boy was I mistaken!!!  This is also partially because I had something very specific in mind.  Tea length with a full skirt.  Apparently, tea length isn’t  the style right now.  I had already spent too much time looking through wedding magazines, so I had visions of dresses that were made to be  wedding dresses.

Any of these dresses would have been perfect:


And then there were these!!!  These dresses are by Stephanie James Couture.  These stupid/amazing dresses made it so hard for me to find a dress!  All I wanted was one of these!  That doesn’t happen in 2 weeks!  The best thing about these dresses is that she sells petticoats in all sorts of colors to go under the dresses, which I am madly in love with!





So all of these dresses made it sooo much harder to find something I was happy with.  That is the choice we made when we decided to only give ourselves 2 weeks to plan.  After a week and a half of desperately searching I had a genius idea!!!  Why not alter the Watters and Watters dress I already owned?  When I say alter, I mean me actually cutting my dress and sewing it.  Yes, as crazy as that is, I decided to alter my dress myself.  I can sew capably but not SUPER well.  I was still confident I could do it, so I did!!!

That was a terrifying thing to do.  This dress was made so beautifully.  I pinned and pinned and pinned.  When I was at the point where I needed to make the first cut in the dress, I felt like I was going to throw up.  I had to take a minute and calm down.  I was so afraid I was going to regret doing this.  I didn’t!  It was a ridiculous amount of work but it turned out perfectly!  Who knew wedding dresses have so many layers?   I couldn’t have done it with out Mr. G.   I tried on the dress and had him remeasure to make sure it was straight about 9,000 times.  He was a life saver!!!

This is what the dress looked like before (try to ignore the worst picture ever taken of me):

This is what it looked like after:


  I was super proud of myself.  The dress looked fantastic!  It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind  it worked! 


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