My DIY Bouquet!

For some odd reason, I have always wanted to do my own wedding bouquet.  It’s not like I have any specific affinity for flowers or experience with floral arranging.  I think it is just something new for me to try and I knew I could do it.  It was just an added bonus that it would save us money.  I had originally planned on making my bouquet and the bridesmaids so when plans changed, I still wanted to do mine.  I was super excited to do it.  My mom and I went and bought the flowers the day before the wedding.  I knew that I wanted mostly yellow and definitely sunflowers.  We spent less than $50 and had more flowers than I needed.  I went home and Mr. G was an excellent assistant for me while I assembled them.  He held them while I added and subtracted flowers.  This is what we came up with!


flowers with locket


 I am so inlove with them!  I was (and am) super proud of them.

I was so excited that I found the perfect locket on etsy.

brooch basil the cat's etsy shop


As I have said, I was bummed (understatement of the year) that my grandmother was not going to be there with us.  All I could do was make sure I had her there in spirit.


Short of her being there, this was perfect.

I’m just going to throw this picture in because I like it!

flowers with rings


I am so excited that I was able to do my flowers.  I’m also excited that they were fantastic!!!


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