Our Wedding!

It seems strange calling it a wedding.  It most definitely was not what you think of when you say the word wedding, but it was ours and it was perfect! 

wedding bells 2

Amidst our planning process, after being engaged for 3 months, I called Mr. G at work one day and said “are we doing anything the weekend of June 19th?”.  Obviously, the answer was no.  “Excellent!  We should get married on that day.  Can you make that happen?”  Mr. G works in government so it was his job to find someone to marry us.  Apparently they don’t normally marry people on Fridays.  Huh, weird.  He made some calls and we had a friend, who also happens to be the mayor of a near by town, marry us.  It worked out wonderfully.  We gathered a few friends up and alerted our families.  Our families were super excited we were getting married and they knew that we were having some difficulties planning the wedding so they weren’t too surprised.  In the next few entries I will share specific details of our mini wedding!


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