Wedding Feet!

There were a few key elements of our wedding that I already had planned in my head.  This was long before we decided to get married at city hall, but even when we made that choice I wasn’t willing to give them up!  The biggest thing was that I really wanted to wear some amazing bright shoes!  I wanted satin shoes in bright blue (not navy), bright green, or sunshine yellow. 

It was pictures like these that made me unwilling to compromise!

My Amazing Pink Shoes!

My Blue Wedding Shoes

acp by Alex Cejka Photography.

These are the kinds of pictures that I stumbled on over the months leading up to the wedding.  I was in love with the idea! 

 I knew I had seen them somewhere, I just didn’t know where.  I looked and looked and looked.  Lots of places had navy (yuck).  Not at all the look I was going for.  A bunch of places also had purple, which in theory, would have been great but I have an unreasonable dislike of the color purple.  I was frustrated!  I had such a specific vision and NOTHING existed!  Eventually I went to a bridal shoe place that is super close to our house.  My first question was “can you have these ready in a week?”  Lucky for me they said of course!!!  They had tons of shoes that would have worked great.  I tried on lots and decided on two pairs.  I wanted a pair of flats for the ceremony and the standing pictures.  Mr. G is a bit shorter than me.  He doesn’t mind at all but I figured it would be better if I wasn’t 6 inches taller than him for the pics and when he went to kiss me.  And a pair of super cute heels for the awesome sitting pics.

Once I had made my decision all I had to do was pic a color!  Wait… a color?!?!  I had been so wrapped up in finding shoes that I hadn’t thought about what my first choice would have been.  I ran to a Joann Fabrics to get some ribbon that I planned on making in to a headband.  This way my shoes were bound to match if I gave them a swatch.  I chose BRIGHT yellow and it was perfect!  I was so relieved once I knew that the shoes were taken care of! 

The next task was finding the socks for Mr.G.  That is another thing I didn’t think would be so hard.  Again, I was mistaken.  We went everywhere!  No luck!  Finally we went where we should have gone first, Macy’s!  We walked in and they had at least 5 pairs of yellow socks, including the perfect argyle pair!

This was the final result:

 wedding feet

I can’t wait for our photographers pictures!!!  This one is fantastic but I think his will be even better!  It was sooo much work finding these, but sooo worth it!


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