I promise…

I promise to fix the broken pictures in some of my previous posts!  Sometime soon I will find time and repair the pictures!  Sorry!


Everyone Says the First year is the Hardest

We keep hearing this.  From all over the place, wedding blogs, friends, family, etc..  We were prepared for things to be more difficult once we got married because we heard this over and over.  It isn’t.  The other day I said to my mom “are we doing something wrong?  Are we not taking it seriously enough?  It’s supposed to be hard… and it isn’t “.  Everything is the same as it was before we got married… only better!!! 

I guess I hadn’t really thought about it until I started talking to a friend who has been married for a month.  She is unhappy… super unhappy.  That idea is completely foreign to me.  I was under the impression that everyone feels the way Mr. G and I do…  at least for a while after they are married.  It makes me sad to think that that isn’t the case for everyone.  It also makes me extremely thankful for my relationship.  We are so happy.  Everything is so easy.  EVERYTHING!  Even I think it’s strange… in the best possible way!  I can’t imagine being happier than I currently am.  Well, that isn’t entirely true.  I would be happier if I saw my husband more.  He works in politics and it is election season so he works 7 days a week and until late at night.  Only for a few more weeks!  We both knew that it would happen that he would have to work A LOT come election season… we just didn’t know it would be so hard!  I am proud of how hard he works and how completely committed he is to the cause!  It is a running joke with him that he uses the quote from The Godfather where he says ” this is the business we’ve chosen”.  It’s true, and I chose him!