Post Eloping Engagement Pictures!

I know, I know.  That doesn’t make sense.  We planned on getting engagement pictures taken but as I have said, plans changed and we didn’t.  Well in my obsessive browsing of I came across a few photographers who were offering free E-Pic sessions to expand their portfolios or try out some new techniques.  So we decided to do it…even though we are already married.  There aren’t a lot of times when you have a good excuse to get professional pictures taken.   So this weekend we had our shoot with Joe Sanfillipo.  Obviously, I haven’t seen the pictures yet but we had such a good time and the pictures on his site are fantastic.  We went out to Sunken Meadow Park on Long Island and took our pictures.  Man it was hot but it was awesome!  Joe was hilarious and a good time.  I am so excited to see them!  I promise that I will post some of them as soon as I get them!

(link to the pictures)


My DIY Bouquet!

For some odd reason, I have always wanted to do my own wedding bouquet.  It’s not like I have any specific affinity for flowers or experience with floral arranging.  I think it is just something new for me to try and I knew I could do it.  It was just an added bonus that it would save us money.  I had originally planned on making my bouquet and the bridesmaids so when plans changed, I still wanted to do mine.  I was super excited to do it.  My mom and I went and bought the flowers the day before the wedding.  I knew that I wanted mostly yellow and definitely sunflowers.  We spent less than $50 and had more flowers than I needed.  I went home and Mr. G was an excellent assistant for me while I assembled them.  He held them while I added and subtracted flowers.  This is what we came up with!


flowers with locket


 I am so inlove with them!  I was (and am) super proud of them.

I was so excited that I found the perfect locket on etsy.

brooch basil the cat's etsy shop


As I have said, I was bummed (understatement of the year) that my grandmother was not going to be there with us.  All I could do was make sure I had her there in spirit.


Short of her being there, this was perfect.

I’m just going to throw this picture in because I like it!

flowers with rings


I am so excited that I was able to do my flowers.  I’m also excited that they were fantastic!!!

Eloping… is that the right word?

I wrote a previous post about how Mr. G and I eloped.  I happened to use that word in conversation with him and he was SHOCKED!  “Is that what we did?”  Um… yeah!  But then I was thinking… and maybe not.  The definition given on is to run off secretly to be married. Hmmm… there was no secret.  We just didn’t announce it and got married in city hall with 2 weeks notice.  I’m still a little torn.  Eloped or not?  Who knows?!?!  We are married that’s what matters!

Family… Who knew it could be so enjoyable?!?!


I have a family.  A version of a family.  Every one has some semblance of a family.  I have a mother that I am closer to than I ever thought possible.  She is a wonderful person.  Supportive and amazing.  I have two sisters as well.  One lives fairly close to my mom (2 hours from me) and the other lives in Minnesota.  We don’t really have any extended family.  My grandmother was also amazing, just like her daughter.  She passed away about a year ago and there went my feeling of “family”.  It’s sad.  I always wanted to be that family that had weekly dinners and laughed and ate.  That wasn’t us.  I love my family but there aren’t alot of us.  Since I started dating Mr. G I have felt a whole new kind of family.  His parents are fantastic.  I love them both soooo much.  And his sister is hilarious.  She is roughly our age and I adore her.  His grandmother is 90 years old and the sharpest person ever.  Additionally, he has an extended family as well that has welcomed me openly. 

His parents live much closer to us than my mom so we go there often on the weekends.  This weekend we went because I was working on my centerpieces for the brunch that is quickly approaching (more to come on those).  We had a fantastic dinner and his mom hung out with us outside for a while and it was awesome.  I think alot of what makes me feel that “family” vibe is that his parents are still married.  My parents got divorced when I was about 10.  It was for the better.  I love going there and seeing them still laughing and having a good time together after more than 25 years!  I want that!!!  Mr. G and I will have that!

I’m so excited to have more family!!!

Wedding Feet!

There were a few key elements of our wedding that I already had planned in my head.  This was long before we decided to get married at city hall, but even when we made that choice I wasn’t willing to give them up!  The biggest thing was that I really wanted to wear some amazing bright shoes!  I wanted satin shoes in bright blue (not navy), bright green, or sunshine yellow. 

It was pictures like these that made me unwilling to compromise!

My Amazing Pink Shoes!

My Blue Wedding Shoes

acp by Alex Cejka Photography.

These are the kinds of pictures that I stumbled on over the months leading up to the wedding.  I was in love with the idea! 

 I knew I had seen them somewhere, I just didn’t know where.  I looked and looked and looked.  Lots of places had navy (yuck).  Not at all the look I was going for.  A bunch of places also had purple, which in theory, would have been great but I have an unreasonable dislike of the color purple.  I was frustrated!  I had such a specific vision and NOTHING existed!  Eventually I went to a bridal shoe place that is super close to our house.  My first question was “can you have these ready in a week?”  Lucky for me they said of course!!!  They had tons of shoes that would have worked great.  I tried on lots and decided on two pairs.  I wanted a pair of flats for the ceremony and the standing pictures.  Mr. G is a bit shorter than me.  He doesn’t mind at all but I figured it would be better if I wasn’t 6 inches taller than him for the pics and when he went to kiss me.  And a pair of super cute heels for the awesome sitting pics.

Once I had made my decision all I had to do was pic a color!  Wait… a color?!?!  I had been so wrapped up in finding shoes that I hadn’t thought about what my first choice would have been.  I ran to a Joann Fabrics to get some ribbon that I planned on making in to a headband.  This way my shoes were bound to match if I gave them a swatch.  I chose BRIGHT yellow and it was perfect!  I was so relieved once I knew that the shoes were taken care of! 

The next task was finding the socks for Mr.G.  That is another thing I didn’t think would be so hard.  Again, I was mistaken.  We went everywhere!  No luck!  Finally we went where we should have gone first, Macy’s!  We walked in and they had at least 5 pairs of yellow socks, including the perfect argyle pair!

This was the final result:

 wedding feet

I can’t wait for our photographers pictures!!!  This one is fantastic but I think his will be even better!  It was sooo much work finding these, but sooo worth it!

Finding a town hall worthy dress!

Immediately when we decided we were getting married at town hall I started looking for a dress.  The dresses I had found already were completely inappropriate for a town hall wedding.  I didn’t want a big long train and over the top dress for this event.  Instead I was looking for something that was tea length and white or ivory.  I didn’t think it would be that difficult to find.  Boy was I mistaken!!!  This is also partially because I had something very specific in mind.  Tea length with a full skirt.  Apparently, tea length isn’t  the style right now.  I had already spent too much time looking through wedding magazines, so I had visions of dresses that were made to be  wedding dresses.

Any of these dresses would have been perfect:


And then there were these!!!  These dresses are by Stephanie James Couture.  These stupid/amazing dresses made it so hard for me to find a dress!  All I wanted was one of these!  That doesn’t happen in 2 weeks!  The best thing about these dresses is that she sells petticoats in all sorts of colors to go under the dresses, which I am madly in love with!





So all of these dresses made it sooo much harder to find something I was happy with.  That is the choice we made when we decided to only give ourselves 2 weeks to plan.  After a week and a half of desperately searching I had a genius idea!!!  Why not alter the Watters and Watters dress I already owned?  When I say alter, I mean me actually cutting my dress and sewing it.  Yes, as crazy as that is, I decided to alter my dress myself.  I can sew capably but not SUPER well.  I was still confident I could do it, so I did!!!

That was a terrifying thing to do.  This dress was made so beautifully.  I pinned and pinned and pinned.  When I was at the point where I needed to make the first cut in the dress, I felt like I was going to throw up.  I had to take a minute and calm down.  I was so afraid I was going to regret doing this.  I didn’t!  It was a ridiculous amount of work but it turned out perfectly!  Who knew wedding dresses have so many layers?   I couldn’t have done it with out Mr. G.   I tried on the dress and had him remeasure to make sure it was straight about 9,000 times.  He was a life saver!!!

This is what the dress looked like before (try to ignore the worst picture ever taken of me):

This is what it looked like after:


  I was super proud of myself.  The dress looked fantastic!  It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind  it worked! 

Our Wedding!

It seems strange calling it a wedding.  It most definitely was not what you think of when you say the word wedding, but it was ours and it was perfect! 

wedding bells 2

Amidst our planning process, after being engaged for 3 months, I called Mr. G at work one day and said “are we doing anything the weekend of June 19th?”.  Obviously, the answer was no.  “Excellent!  We should get married on that day.  Can you make that happen?”  Mr. G works in government so it was his job to find someone to marry us.  Apparently they don’t normally marry people on Fridays.  Huh, weird.  He made some calls and we had a friend, who also happens to be the mayor of a near by town, marry us.  It worked out wonderfully.  We gathered a few friends up and alerted our families.  Our families were super excited we were getting married and they knew that we were having some difficulties planning the wedding so they weren’t too surprised.  In the next few entries I will share specific details of our mini wedding!

Change of Plans! We eloped!

So things don’t always go according to plan.  In our case, it was just a huge amount of stress and issues with financing that changed our original plan.  We decided that we would just go to town hall and get married… so we did!  It was wonderful!  I took the Watters and Watters dress that I already owned and altered it to be tea length.  It was perfect for the occasion.  Everything about how our wedding turned out was wonderful.  In the small amount of time I had to make some plans there were a few details that I was able to pull together that I am in love with.  

First, I did my own flowers and they were amazing (if I might say so myself). 

wedding flowers

I’m pretty impressed with  my floral arranging abilities! 

I said in a past post, that I wanted to have a locket with a picture of my grandmother pinned to my flowers.  I got my locket and it was perfect!

Misc 011

This next picture is my absolute favorite!

wedding feet

Who knew that it would be so difficult to find yellow argyle dress socks?!?!  It was totally worth the work!


Everything was perfect!  I am officially a Mrs!!!

In Loving Memory Of…

My fiancee is a die hard Yankees fan and a die hard democrat.  Those are the two things that are most pronounced about him.  They are also two things that my grandmother would have HUGELY appreciated.  She was both of those things as well.  I adored her.  She was always my biggest fan.  She was the smartest human being I have ever met.  She passed away on June 10th  of last year.  She had been battling with cancer and had been too sick to meet Mr. G.  It makes me sad every day that they were not able to meet.  I would have sat and read the newspaper while they heatedly discussed politics and watched the Yankees.  It makes me sad that she will not be there when I marry him.  I decided that I want to have her involved in some way.  I found locket brooches that I thought would be perfect.  I want to pin the locket to my flowers with a picture of her.

brooch basil the cat's etsy shop

I loved this one which was handmade.  I found it on etsy in Basil The Cats shop.[]=tags&includes[]=title

My other option was:

silver 1928 brooch

This one is made by 1928 and I found it on their website.


Although I like the way the second one looks better, I think my grandmother would have liked the first one.  I also appreciate that it is handmade.  Makes me like it even more!  So I think my decision is made and I am going to order the second one!!

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Mr. Wonderful

heartI think I should take a moment to write about how utterly amazing MR. G is.  Before I started dating him I had no idea that men like him existed!  It sounds silly and trite but it is true.  He opens the car door for me and always holds the door.  He does laundry and cleans the kitchen.  He regularly brings me flowers and takes me to dinner.  He is Mr. Wonderful!  Everyday that I see him I think  “he is the most fantastic and amazing person I have ever met”!

I just never knew it could be like this.  I never thought I could feel so complete.  I never thought I could be so happy.  I never thought someone could love me so much.  I never thought everything could be so wonderful!  Now I know!  I know that everything and anything is possible when Mr. G  is by my side!

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