Polka Dot Wedding Theme

Despite the fact that we aren’t having a real wedding I still have all these ideas so I thought I would share them. 

I kind of like the idea of a polka dot theme.  I know that it can go a little over the top but I figured I would post a bunch of ideas here.  All together they are a bit much but I think used sparingly they would be fantastic!

First off, this dress is amazing.  I actually posted about it when I was writing about my dress

Michelle-Roth- dress

 The next dress is from the Sposa by St. Pucchi line.  I LOVE it.  It is a little less polka dotted but I think it would still fit in to the theme well and the veil is amazing.

sposa dots

There, of course, is the fantastic one from Carolina Herrera’s 2004 collection but I’m not even posting it because it is too wonderful and doesn’t exist anymore so it would just be mean.  She does have a few that have polka dots in her Spring 2010 collection.

 carolina hererra

 That one isn’t my favorite but I ike that it is nontraditional.

On to the grooms attire.  I think it is easy enough to find polka dotted ties, but just in case, here you go.


That site has polka dotted ties in LOTS of colors.

white tie


Throw in an awesome pair of shoes for the bride.



polka dot peep toe

And add some cool socks for the groom and it would make for awesome pictures!

socks 2


On to some more fun stuff!  The invitations!

There are tons of good options.  Here are a few I found.

brown invite

white dot

black invites

pink invites

green invites

orange invites

Ok, despite the fact that there are a million more invites that I like, I should stop there.  I already listed too many.

I have a bit of an obsession with wedding cakes so now I have 5 million cakes that are amazing to share!

polka dot cake 1

polka dot cake 2

polka dot cake 3

 polka dot cake 4


polka dot cake 5

polka dot cake 7

polka dot cake 8

Polka dot cake 9

polka dot cake 10

polka dot cake 11

polka dot cake 12

I didn’t find a ton of options for centerpieces that incorporate polka dots but it wouldn’t be hard to add some dotted ribbon to make a centerpiece tie in.


centerpiece 2

A cute little clutch to give to the bridesmaids!



polka dot clutch

I thought that this bouquet was wonderful!  I think it is elegant and fun at the same time.

bouquet with black ribbon


I hope that this inspires someone or at least makes it easier to find some of this stuff.  Love having everything in one place!


Finding a town hall worthy dress!

Immediately when we decided we were getting married at town hall I started looking for a dress.  The dresses I had found already were completely inappropriate for a town hall wedding.  I didn’t want a big long train and over the top dress for this event.  Instead I was looking for something that was tea length and white or ivory.  I didn’t think it would be that difficult to find.  Boy was I mistaken!!!  This is also partially because I had something very specific in mind.  Tea length with a full skirt.  Apparently, tea length isn’t  the style right now.  I had already spent too much time looking through wedding magazines, so I had visions of dresses that were made to be  wedding dresses.

Any of these dresses would have been perfect:


And then there were these!!!  These dresses are by Stephanie James Couture.  These stupid/amazing dresses made it so hard for me to find a dress!  All I wanted was one of these!  That doesn’t happen in 2 weeks!  The best thing about these dresses is that she sells petticoats in all sorts of colors to go under the dresses, which I am madly in love with!





So all of these dresses made it sooo much harder to find something I was happy with.  That is the choice we made when we decided to only give ourselves 2 weeks to plan.  After a week and a half of desperately searching I had a genius idea!!!  Why not alter the Watters and Watters dress I already owned?  When I say alter, I mean me actually cutting my dress and sewing it.  Yes, as crazy as that is, I decided to alter my dress myself.  I can sew capably but not SUPER well.  I was still confident I could do it, so I did!!!

That was a terrifying thing to do.  This dress was made so beautifully.  I pinned and pinned and pinned.  When I was at the point where I needed to make the first cut in the dress, I felt like I was going to throw up.  I had to take a minute and calm down.  I was so afraid I was going to regret doing this.  I didn’t!  It was a ridiculous amount of work but it turned out perfectly!  Who knew wedding dresses have so many layers?   I couldn’t have done it with out Mr. G.   I tried on the dress and had him remeasure to make sure it was straight about 9,000 times.  He was a life saver!!!

This is what the dress looked like before (try to ignore the worst picture ever taken of me):

This is what it looked like after:


  I was super proud of myself.  The dress looked fantastic!  It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind  it worked! 

The Dress

The sample dress I bought.  Made by Watters and Watters.
The sample dress I bought. Made by Watters and Watters.

The instant I got engaged all I wanted to do was go wedding dress shopping.  I am one of those girls that would wear a formal dress 100% of the time if it was socially acceptable.  So the idea of a wedding dress was oh so exciting!  I found out about a week after I got engaged that Priscilla of Boston was going to be having a sample sale the following week.  I wrangled a friend to go with me and took the day off of work.  I had read so many horror stories about sample sales that I was prepared for it to be a disaster!!!  It opened at 8 and we arrived at about 8:15.  It was totally calm.  There were only maybe 5 other brides there.  It was well organized and not chaotic at all.  I tried on a ton of dresses and ended up finding one that I really liked.  Additionally it fit me perfectly.  I figured that I would buy it and if I ended up finding something else I liked more, I could sell it on Oncewed or Weddingbee.                                                  


I wanted the experience of dress shopping.  You only get to do it once!  So I went shopping in NYC with my mom and future mother in-law.  We went to a place called RK Bridal, which I really liked.  It’s not a super high end bridal boutique.  It’s kind of like a big wedding dress warehouse.  We looked through the hundreds of dresses and I tried a bunch on, including the one I already bought.  I was glad that I got to try it on for them.  I didn’t find any dresses that I was completely in love with.  We went to another place called Bridal Garden which is a non-profit that sells designer samples. Ugh!  I hated that experience!  It was crowded and tiny and not worth the time we spent there!  After the fact, there was one dress I couldn’t stop thinking about but it hadn’t been on my shortlist so I didn’t know anything about it or who made it.

The following week I went shopping with my future mother in-law and my future sister in-law.  There I found a dress that I loved.  It was made by Casablanca and it was soooo flattering on me and it made me feel like a bride.  I was excited but sad because my mom didn’t see it.  Luckily, when I went shopping with her the following weekend the bridal salon had it!  I tried it on for her, along with a bunch of others, and despite the fact that she didn’t love it, she loved it on me.  

This was the first dress that I thought I loved... until I tried on the other one!

This is the Casablanca dress that I thought I loved... until I tried on the other one!

They also had the dress I couldn’t stop thinking about.  I tried it on again and I was disappointed because I loved the top but hated the bottom.  It was too fitted.  I went on to Maggie Sottero’s website and was SUPER excited to find that the dress comes in 3 different skirt styles!!!  Including one that is big and flowey!!!  There was a bridal salon that had that dress as a sample near by and I was excited to try it on.  Again, I went with my FMIL (mother in-law) and tried on a bunch of dresses, making sure that one was last.  OH MAN!!!!  The second I put it on I knew.  I got that feeling that everyone talks about.  It is unbelievable!!!  I’m trying to find a store near where my mom lives so that I can show it to her… which is hilarious because she will hate it!  Se is a lot more about simplicity than I am.  I think I onlyget to get married once and I only get to wear a ridiculous over the top gown once!!!  I think what I am most excited about is that the bridal salon I went to that I liked the most (Bridal Suite of Hamilton)can order the dress for me and it’s a great price!!!  I had such a great experience there!



I will keep you updated on my dress situation!